Monday, February 16, 2015

The Sun's Promise

13" x 10"

I have painted Willow Ptarmigans in a small format before, but this time I wanted to explore the relationship of a pair in their winter plumage.  It still amazes me that a brown and russet bird knows when to change color as winter gets near.

They are friendly, social birds and they tend to be a loyal companion to their mate.  

Painting this background when it was very wet and mixing the colors was a real risk, but I liked the way that it turned out.  I would say that I got lucky!

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Harvest of the Waves

Watercolor on Handmade Paper
6.5" x 12.5"
This little watercolor is painted on one of my last pieces of handmade paper in my favorite size.  It takes a steady hand and a very small brush to pull this off.  I enjoy the wide variety of weaves and designs that they worked into their daily lives.  There are three different Northwest tribes depicted here.

Standing Tall

23" x 14"
A passing storm over the Cascades has dropped the first snow of the season.  The sun returns and the mountaintop glitters for a brief time before the melting begins.  The title comes from my thoughts of these trees and what they endure through bitterly cold winters and hot summers.  It may also represent what you an I endure in life and hope to remain standing tall.

Pueblo Magic

11" x 16"
The Kachina doll is much more than a souvenir sold in gift shops. To the Pueblo tribes of the Southwest, they are an important and sacred aspect of their religion. The large ones have been used in their rituals for a thousand years, while the smaller carvings are used to teach the young children.

Lakota Pride

Drybrush Watercolor
11" x 14"
This piece started out as a simple composition of a single figure standing in the tall prairie grass. It soon became a major work of art in a somewhat small format. Sometimes it seems as though the painting takes over and just paints itself.
The wardrobe, shield and spear are authentic. The painted design on the tipi is an exact depiction painted by a Native artist two hundred and eight years ago.