Sunday, January 26, 2014

Dream Weaver

6.5" x 9.5"
This basket is from the Pomo tribe of Central California.  They were primarily given as gifts to express esteem or high prestige.
They were ornamented with feathers, mother of pearl, and clam shell beads, a tradition that dates back thousands of years.
Sadly, there are not many of the early ones left because they were usually burned after the passing of the owner.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Let it Shine

6" x 6"
 This fine fellow is a willow ptarmigan, a type of grouse.  At the beginning of winter their feathers turn from brown and russet to pure white.  To me, that is a wonderful mystery of nature.  Their feet are covered with hair-like feathers and they will burrow into the snow for warmth.
I found this to be a fun challenge, painting white on white with only the blue shadows defining distance and shape.

Summer Song

Watercolor on aquaboard
14" x 11"
I just finished this painting on a cold January night and realized that this type has become somewhat of an annual tradition.  This time of year I tend to reach for a memory of a warmer time and place.
I have stood there and felt the warmth of the morning sun mingling with the cool riffs from the gurgling waters.  I call paintings such as this, 'Places of the Heart'.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

An American Classic

16" x 22"
 and SOLD!
This recent painting is a commissioned piece for a new collector in Texas.  I wanted to share it with you because it went straight from my painting desk to the UPS Store to be packed and shipped. 
I have been looking forward to doing a subject like this for quite a while.  It was challenging, but enjoyable to create.  Every board and shingle were painted one at a time and are unique.  The new owner is still discovering details in the painting and having fun with that. 
I look forward to the next commission challenge and I welcome any inquiries regarding commissioned pieces.

When We Were Young

9" X 13"
It is hard to believe my childhood is now considered nostalgia. It was a great childhood and that era was a good time to be a kid. Now the memory is endless days of riding bikes, trading comic books, and playing outside from morning til' dark. I feel that this painting is a moment frozen in time. I actually remember country stores and gas pumps such as these being used when I was a boy in Bigfork, Montana.

Evening in Venice

Oil on Panel
6" x 4"
12" x 12" framed
$195 + shipping
This a new subject for me. I have become known for my Tuscan paintings, but this is my first visit to Venice and the Grand Canal. The frame is a reproduction of the tin ceiling tiles used during the Victorian era. I spent several hours creating the aging on the tile frame. It does feel like it is a hundred years old.

Deer Hunter of Taos

Acrylic on Board
18" x 24"
I painted this still-life a few weeks ago and have been enjoying it in my studio. I think that now is the time to share it with you. I believe that this painting has raised the quality of my Indian still-lifes to a higher level. It was challenging to create, but I enjoyed giving the illusion of reality and age.

A Warrior's Life

Drybrush Watercolor
24" x 18"
I had the good fortune of having access to these artifacts. It was during a week long adventure of artistic inspiration and survival on the Little Cheyenne River in South Dakota. I did survive (a long story) and came home with over 600 photographs to create from. This ancient cottonwood is the actual tree that I sat under to sketch and take photo detail studies.

Yellow Leaf Moon

Acrylic and Oil on Canvas
24" x 36"
With this painting I wanted to capture two different aspects of life for the American Indian of the 1800's. First of all, I'm showing them surrounded by incredible beauty and awesome grandeur. I was able to call upon my own experiences of exploring streams, rivers, and mountain meadows throughout my life.
There is also the ever present possibility of harsh conditions and that the struggle for survival could soon be upon them. Vigilance was a constant necessity, but for now, tranquility prevails.

A Day in Old Provence

Acrylic on Board
A cobalt blue sky, butter yellow sunflowers, and quaint 200 year old farm buildings.
What can be better than that?!

A Summer Romance

$500. framed + shipping

I find it difficult to chose one favorite garden flower, but it might have to be the iris. They don't last long, but their delicate beauty and multitude of colors can be captivating.

Flower Power

4" x 4"
$195. framed +shipping
I have loved all things miniature since I was a small boy, so doing a mini painting is a real treat. The challenge is to create an entire scene in a very small space. The eyes and steady hand are hanging in there for awhile longer.

When Clouds Make You Dream

Oil on Board
Wild waterlillies grow in most of the United States. The blossoms are usually white in color, but other colors can be found. In the late 1800's the French became obsessed with all things 'water lilly'. They created many beautiful colors by cross-breeding. Over a hundred years later,we are able to enjoy a rainbow of blossom colors.